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"The perfect teacher for the Pilates newbie"

I’ve taken Pilates classes with Abby for three years and just love them! She was the perfect teacher for the Pilates newbie, diligently teaching me mat, tower and reformer classes in a step-by-step and safe fashion.


As classes became more intense my body changed from soft to fierce! Abby created a welcoming and caring space, a place where my mind could leave the stresses of the day behind. While saddened to hear she was moving back to the US, I was thrilled to learn she would be offering both in-studio and online classes. Now I can still get my Abby fix from a distance.


"Even when I didn't believe in my ability, Abby did, so I kept showing up"

I finally made the decision to prioritize my health. After losing fifty pounds, I was ready to introduce movement back into my life. I decided to revisit a form of exercise that I enjoyed in my youth - Classical Pilates. During this time I met and started to train with Abby. I was extremely self-conscious having to heavily modify almost all of the exercises, but Abby kept encouraging me. Even when I didn't believe in my ability, Abby did, so I kept showing up.

Throughout my journey Abby has been one of my biggest cheerleaders. I can't thank her enough for her continued support. My body is stronger and more agile than it has ever been before, and I've dropped SIX dress sizes and an additional forty pounds!


Truthfully, training with Abby is tough work, but her clear, organized, and consistent instruction helps you achieve results like nowhere else I have experienced. Abby has the ability to pull that extra little bit from you in every session, beyond what you think you are capable of achieving.


To say that Abby has completely changed my life is not an exaggeration. This body-positive, highly-knowledgeable Pilates teacher is truly a gem.


"She truly made a significant difference in my daily life"

I was referred to a Classical Pilates program where I had the privilege of working with Abby. Having had several health issues including scoliosis, it was important that I receive lessons specifically tailored for my body.


Within a few sessions it became evident that Abby was extremely thorough, thoughtful and knowledgeable in designing my program. She also supported me by following through on recommendations from my physiotherapist, adapting exercises where needed.

Her professional and caring manner proved to me that she is a person of integrity and passion. Her guidance helped me increase muscle tone and learn proper breathing to better support my scoliosis.

It is with sincere gratitude that I thank Abby. She truly made a significant difference in my daily life.



"I am now strong and pain-free"

After years of struggling with lower back pain, a friend suggested I try Pilates. I worked with Abby privately as well as attended her group classes. She changed my life! With Abby’s expertise and encouragement, we tackled my back issues and strengthened my core. She showed me how to adjust each exercise as needed to achieve the best results for my body. 


Over time, our weekly sessions improved my flexibility and gave me the confidence to practice without worrying about my back. I am now strong and pain-free because of Abby’s focus, dedication, and sound technique.


"Even online, she does a wonderful job guiding you through every exercise"

Abby is incredibly knowledgeable about Pilates and teaches with a warm and calming approach. After working with Abby for a couple of years, I decided to try her online classes as well, and I am glad I did. Even online, she does a wonderful job guiding you through every exercise, demonstrating modifications for people of various levels and abilities.


I highly recommend Abby!



"Run, do not walk to train with Abby. Your body will thank you."

Series of five, teaser, rolling like a ball...this may sound like a foreign language but don’t worry. Whether you are new to Pilates or an experienced student, Abby is the perfect instructor for you.

Abby is a purposeful and mindful instructor who’s verbal cues are precise and easy to understand. Her specialty is listening to her clients, understanding their goals and creating a personalized program that not only challenges but inspires. Abby takes the time to build a strong foundation and adds just enough challenges to keep you coming back.

Run, do not walk to train with Abby. Your body will thank you. 


"Abby's good sense of humor makes Pilates fun"

For the last several years I have been taking private Pilates lessons with Abby. She is always considerate and caring, and helped me regain strength and flexibility after my knee replacement. Her instructions are clear and she helped me truly understand what it means to have a mind-body connection.


Abby's good sense of humor makes Pilates fun, even when she's leading me through a challenging workout. I introduced her to my husband, who is very particular with his trainers, and he had nothing but praise after working with her. 


Dr. M. Kassam

" want to come back for more!"

I have been very fortunate to have had Abby as a Pilates teacher for the past few years and I always look forward to her classes. She really understands my abilities and knows when to encourage and challenge me.


Abby has a way of explaining the how and why of classical Pilates so that it makes sense and you want to come back for more!


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